Leadership, Business and the Little Voice in Your Head

How many times have you made a decision to do something bigger than you’ve ever done before, heard a persistent whispering in your ear, then changed your mind?The little voice might sound something like the following: “you’re not good enough” “you’re not pretty enough” “you’re rubbish at that and you can’t do it” How often have you let that little voice lead you into a dead end?

Are you ready for a change?

According to Bruce Lipton in his book ‘Biology of Belief’’ that relentless little voice talking you out of attempting something new, that hinders you from finding and expressing your passion, has a long history within your family genetics. It may be an internal dialogue or a person that just can’t help but put you down. That voice and the congregation behind, bizarrely enough, are trying to create a positive outcome in protecting the family, maintaining the status quo and ensuring survival of you and your family DNA.

That voice has an interesting point of view…. But don’t let it’s disabling ideas stick to you! Based on it’s purpose, that voice will try to keep you small. It will remind you of your insecurities and seek to impose ideas and conditions in your mind that stop you in your tracks and deter you from reaching beyond your perceived limitations. If you find yourself continually putting things off, if you self-sabotage, if you talk yourself out of pursuing your dreams before you even get started, this is an opportunity to begin again.

I’m inviting you today, to recognise the voice playing in your ears but ignore the words. Let your ideas grow larger than the voice. This is your life, your choice has seniority over the voices of others. Your choice has the power to change your life, so assert your right to choose for yourself. Let your ideas grow big enough to take on a life of their own then step out and make this year rock!

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