Consultation Program for Women New to Business

Are you ready to let your talent shine?

  • Are you a woman in business or about to step out into business?
  • Would you like to bring passion into your business and for you to live an amazing and fulfilling life doing what you love?

Have you had enough of waiting for things to change?

The 4 week Business Consultation Program will assist you to overcome your fear of being seen. It will help you find your voice, strengthen your ideas, bring passion and meaning into your business and let your talent shine.

Some of the things we’ll look at

  • How to bring your passion into your work life and make it work for you
  • How to cut through limiting beliefs that hold you back
  • How to build your confidence from the inside out
  • How to deal with doubts and insecurities
  • How to market yourself and get your message across
  • How to write a winning business plan
  • Products, branding and marketability
  • Finances and growth

We will walk step by step together as you build the life you dream of living.


  • Willing and committed to transforming your life
  • Willing to actively invest time in building your business
  • Willing to invest in yourself

Total Cost £240  Special offer: for a limited time we’re offering 20% discount to all new clients. 

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