Give up the Struggle

It’s only through allowing ourselves to change, that we transform the world. As we mature into authentic ways of being, our relationships change, and therefore the lives of others are also altered, whether they like it or not.

Perhaps you are in an abusive relationship in which you feel powerless, hoping your partner will change; stop drinking, stop hitting you, stop putting you down. Perhaps you are terrified of staying, yet too afraid to leave. Maybe you remain in a job you hate, because you lack the confidence to find another one that suits you better, and despite years of boredom or lack of recognition, you keep hoping the job will change or your employer start validating your work.

The capacity to change is a powerfully creative human ability. There is growing conflict in the world, slavery and brutally still exist, yet over the last fifty years we have experienced change on a global scale. Repressive regimes fell, to be replaced with a shift towards freedom.

Yet on a personal level, we struggle to transform our relationships.

We struggle with ourselves and with others, even our youngest rant, raves, and objects to letting go of something they want and to which they have become attached. As adults, we behave quite disgracefully trying to force other people to change, whilst forgetting our own capacity to initiate transformation within ourselves.

Given enough time, everything changes, however, would you not prefer to make a positive impact on your own life before you end up with broken bones, or die from boredom in a job you hate?

The thing is, how do you make the right choice? Can entrenched patterns of behaviour be changed?

Are you aware of your capacity to transform daily challenges, into life affirming experiences?



The willingness to make a choice for You, begins a process of building confidence from the inside out. It starts a remembering in your body that you have the ability to create a new life for yourself and co-create a new world.

What do you choose?

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